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Any auto accident can be a traumatic experience. A collision can leave you with long-term injuries, emotional distress, expensive medical bills, and property damage.

No matter what type of motor vehicle accident you were involved in, you’ll need the help of an experienced auto accident attorney in order to file a claim in court and hold the negligent party accountable.

Though you may not be able to influence what other drivers do, you can take command of your own life following an accident. The road to recovery starts with the help of a passionate and committed auto injury lawyer who will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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    Car Accident Statistics in Illinois

    The Illinois Department of Transportation (DOT) published the following statistics on car crashes and injuries:

    • In 2019, there were a total of 312,988 auto accidents reported in Illinois.
    • Of all motor vehicle collisions in 2019, 20% involved some form of injury.
    • In 2019, there were 938 reported car accident fatalities across the state of Illinois.
    • In Saline County, there were 476 car accidents and 10 crash-related injuries reported in 2019.

    Have you ever asked yourself, “Where can I find the best auto accident lawyer in my vicinity?” Don’t hesitate to call us at Lawler & Lawler Injury Law. Our team of motivated and caring personal injury attorneys will fight for your rights every step of the way.

    Compensation in a Car Accident Claim

    When you file a claim in court, your auto accident attorney will seek to win rightful compensation for expenses you may have incurred, such as:

    Medical Bills

    Injuries from a car accident can result in expensive medical bills. If you’re involved in a collision, you might end up having to pay for the following:

    For people without medical insurance or with only limited coverage, the costs of recovery and healing from these injuries can put them at severe financial risk.

    Lost Wages

    If you miss work or cannot perform at your occupation as you did before the accident, you can receive damages for lost income.

    Generally, damage awards can apply to both past and future wages. Your auto accident lawyer will be able to review your specific needs and total losses (past and projected) to determine how much you can seek in compensation.

    Property Damage

    Even a minor accident can result in expensive car repairs. Although auto insurance will cover some of those costs, you may still have to spend money out of pocket.

    Physical and Emotional Pain

    In many cases, people may undergo severe trauma that can adversely affect their ability to drive a car, to sleep at night, to readjust to the outside world, or in other ways return to their normal everyday routine.

    Though there’s often no price tag to accurately gauge the emotional consequences that derive from an auto accident, you can still file a claim to receive compensation.

    Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

    If you’re involved in an auto accident, you should undertake the following steps as soon as possible:

    • Write down the insurance information from the other driver.
    • Gather contact information from any potential witnesses (their testimony can be of key importance in the event that you go to court).
    • Take photos of your injuries and of any property damage to your car.
    • Avoid any communication with the insurance company representing the other party.
    • Contact an experienced auto accident attorney as soon as possible. 

    By following these simple steps, you can establish a solid foundation for any subsequent claims you may file in court. 


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    Frequently Asked Questions for Car Accident Lawyers

    If you were involved in an auto accident in Illinois, you have two years from the date of the incident to file a claim. There may exist certain exceptions depending on your particular situation or circumstances, so it’s always best to consult with an attorney to ensure that your case gets handled promptly.

    Failure to file a personal injury claim within the two-year window can result in forfeiture of your ability to seek compensation. 

    An auto accident injury attorney can provide many services aimed at recovering the best possible compensation in regard to your matter. Your attorney will:

    • Investigate your accident and gather all relevant and proper evidence.
    • Review any discovery and interview witnesses.
    • Consult with experts such as accident reconstruction specialists and medical professionals.
    • Examine the insurance policies in regard to your matter.
    • Negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf.
    • Mediate with the opposing party to reach a settlement.

    After reviewing your case, an experienced personal injury attorney will understand the best course of action to undertake on your behalf.

    Yes, you can file a personal injury claim in Illinois even if you share responsibility for the accident.

    Under comparative negligence statutes, you can still seek damages if you are less than 50% responsible for your injuries. However, your degree of responsibility will reduce any compensation awarded in order to correspond with your percentage of fault.

    Auto collision claims are complex, having many facets, and different factors are involved in resolving them. The process can be expeditious or time-consuming, depending on your specific situation.

    The process will generally involve the following timeline:

    Your attorney will gather and review all the evidence in the case. Evidence can include medical records, police reports, insurance policies, witness interviews, medical bills, auto repair and other bills, photographs, videos, and additional information.

    Your attorney will work to settle your claim with the insurance company. This can take some time, depending on the complexities of the case. 

    In any lawsuit, a settlement will be the first step taken by your attorney to resolve your matter. In many instances, your lawyer can resolve a car accident injury claim without having to go to trial. 

    If your attorney cannot settle your claim with the opposing party, your case will then proceed to trial.

    Trials have the potential to last anywhere from a few days to several weeks or even months. The overall length of the trial can vary and will depend on the aspects of your own unique situation and how much evidence your attorney decides to present.