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Lawyers Bridget and Raymond Lawler are car accident and truck, wreck attorneys. At Lawler & Lawler, we have also handled worker’s compensation and injuries for two generations. We have obtained large recoveries for thousands of satisfied clients that have been injured on the job or in a car accident and have sustained neck, back, brain, arm, and leg injuries and wrongful death claims.

If you have been injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to recover money for pain and suffering, payment of reasonable medical expenses, and lost wages. In order to bring a claim for damages, you should contact the Carbondale car accident lawyers at Lawler & Lawler as soon as possible.

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    How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer in Carbondale, IL, Help Me?

    Personal injury lawyers represent people who have been injured in an accident they didn’t cause, such as a collision with another driver or a commercial vehicle. After the accident, you may have needed transportation to the emergency room and required follow-up medical care for your injuries. You probably also missed work because of the accident and didn’t earn the money you would have if you hadn’t been involved in the accident.

    Medical bills can add up fast, and missing work doesn’t help your financial situation. A car or truck accident accident lawyer in Carbondale, IL, can file a lawsuit on your behalf against the driver that caused your wreck and represent your legal interests in civil court. The lawsuit is a claim for compensation for your losses, including covering your medical bills, missed wages, and compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced due to the accident.


    Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Carbondale, IL, to Fight for Your Legal Interests

    Right after the accident, the other party’s insurance company may approach you with a settlement offer. The settlement may look tempting, especially when your car probably needs to be repaired, and those medical costs are looming. However, once you accept a settlement offer, you cannot file for an additional claim if it turns out that the first settlement wasn’t enough to cover all your medical bills or to pay for a replacement vehicle if your car can’t be repaired.

    A personal injury attorney negotiates with the other driver’s insurance company on your behalf. Experienced car accident attorneys know how much a case could be worth. They can predict with good accuracy how much the settlement should be to cover everything you may need to recover from your injuries, such as surgery or physical therapy.

    You can focus on recovering and resting when you hire an attorney to handle your car accident claim. They take care of communicating with the other party, drafting all legal documents, ensuring documents are filed on time and correctly, and acting on your behalf in mediation or even at trial.

    Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer in Carbondale, IL, to Fight for Your Legal Interests

    Right after a car accident, it’s important to call Carbondale 911 so that EMS can give you and other parties medical attention and the police can respond to the scene.

    The responding officer prepares a police report of the accident, which includes the date, time, location, and road and weather conditions. If any witnesses are present, the officer will interview them. The officer will also record the car accident parties’ names and contact information. All of this goes into the official police report, along with the crash narrative written by the officer.

    The police report is valuable for your auto accident lawyer because it contains all the information they need to prove that the other driver caused the accident. At Lawler & Lawler, we conduct our own investigation into your collision and build a case against the at-fault driver. This is how we establish that they were reckless or negligent and their negligence caused you harm.

    Negligence on the part of one party that causes harm to another is the basis for personal injury cases. These are civil matters handled in a civil court—not criminal. So, while the other driver may have broken the law, they will not face jail time because of your car accident lawsuit.

    Instead, the lawsuit is your legal means to secure compensation for your financial losses, like paying for your medical bills, reimbursing you for wages you didn’t earn but should have, and the emotional trauma and physical pain you are in after the wreck.

    FAQ for Carbondale, IL, Car Accidents

    Each car accident claim is different, but there are many similarities. These are some of the questions our personal injury lawyers are asked most often.

    We strive to ensure that you get maximum compensation, including a settlement to cover all your medical care, rehabilitation, property damage, and other losses. The amount of your claim often depends on the extent of your injuries and how much care you need to recover. The allocation for your pain and suffering is calculated in relation to that amount and can be more if your injuries are severe or if you may never fully recover.

    Many personal injury attorneys, like those at Lawler & Lawler, work on a contingency basis, which means that they collect legal fees only if they win the case for their client. Your Lawler & Lawler attorney will assess fees as a percentage of your final settlement, and if we don’t win your case, you don’t pay a dime!

    Often, we can settle these cases out of court, either through direct negotiation with the other driver’s lawyer or in mediation. However, if we cannot come to a fair agreement outside of court, then yes, we will take your case to trial and vigorously defend your interests before a judge and jury.

    Insurance companies are not in the business of handing out large amounts of money; instead, they prefer to settle claims for as little as possible. If the other driver’s insurance adjuster calls you offering money, they probably know that their customer was primarily at fault for the accident and are hoping you don’t talk to a lawyer who understands just how much your case is worth.

    An experienced Carbondale, IL, car crash lawyer has the experience to understand the true value of your case and will fight to get you what you are entitled to, not just the pittance an insurance adjuster determines.

    Yes! In these cases, your personal injury lawyer in Carbondale, IL, will file a wrongful death lawsuit to compensate you for the medical treatment your loved one had before they passed and to compensate your family for your loss. No amount of money can replace the person you love, but the settlement can ease the financial strain on your family.


    Above and Beyond

    I started with Lawler and Lawler due to the commercials that I saw on TV...they are great and went above and beyond. They never gave up and I felt we were in this together the entire time.

    Extremely Happy

    Lawler and Lawler provided excellent representation. They work hard to see that you are not treated unfairly and your legal rights are upheld and have not been compromised in any aspect of your case. I was extremely happy

    Peace of Mind

    Lawler and Lawler helped me get through a difficult time in my life. They handled my case beautifully, kept me in the loop, and made my recovery much easier. I would recommend them to everyone. They gave me piece of mind, and helped me get my life back.

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    The longer the time between the accident date and the date you first go to the doctor, the more the insurance company will try to reduce your injury claim. It is also important for you to consult an auto accident attorney before saying anything to an insurance company adjuster. The insurance company, to reduce the value of your injury claim could use anything you say to an adjuster.

    We handle all car accident cases and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis. If we do not make a recovery for you, you owe us nothing. There is no lawyer fee until settlement. 

    Remember, the sooner you call us, the sooner our car accident lawyers can go to work on your behalf. Call (618) 889-4981 for a free consultation.