Commercial-trucks-ina-Southern-IllinoisCommercial Truck Accident Injury Lawyer in Marion Illinois

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports there were over 11,000 truck accidents in Illinois in 2017. In fact, there have already been 23 deaths reported in 2020 that involved semi tractor trailers – commercial trucks.

Commercial truck drivers are almost always at fault for these accidents. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that the most common causes for deadly truck accidents are driving while overtired or fatigued, speeding, improperly changing lanes, or otherwise driving recklessly.

Unfortunately, many of these accidents claim the lives of innocent people. In June 2019, just outside Metropolis, a truck driver caused an accident that killed 3 people and injured several others when he struck vehicles that were stopped in traffic on I-24 westbound near mile marker 37. The semi failed to reduce speed and struck the line of vehicles resulting in a chain reaction crash. Over 10 people suffered injuries and were taken to Metropolis area hospitals.

Raymond Lawler, a truck accident injury lawyer practicing in Marion, Metropolis, Harrisburg and Carbondale has seen the long-term devastating effects these accidents have on victims and their families. In more than 40 years of practicing law, Mr. Lawler has personally assisted hundreds of victims in Southern Illinois and their families by informing people of their legal rights and pursuing personal injury claims on their behalf.

When a commercial truck accident or tractor-trailer crash happens, the trucking company usually won’t waste any time sending an insurance company representative to the scene. They will contact victims nearly immediately to try to aggressively get any information they can to try to reduce their company’s liability. It is important to speak with an experienced truck accident lawyer before speaking with insurance representatives from the trucking company, because giving them any information could hurt your case.

As a prominent truck accident injury lawyer in the Marion area, Raymond Lawler and his daughter, attorney Bridgett Lawler represent victims of all types of 18 wheeler and semi tractor trailer crashes. They are experienced in handling wrongful death cases as well as truck wreck cases in which the victims have suffered traumatic brain injury or other serious injuries.

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