Injured by a Dog? Our Dog Bite Lawyers Are Ready to Help You!

Dog getting ready to bite in MarionAlmost everyone loves dogs. They are like people and enrich our lives. But we often forget that dogs are still animals and at times, animals can cause injury to humans. While dog owners typically take responsibility for their pet’s actions, some do not, and whether willful or accidental, you will likely need the help of an experienced dog bite attorney if you have suffered an injury caused by a canine.

According to the centers for disease control, over 4,500,000 Americans suffer canine bites each year. Of those 20% receive injuries that require medical attention. In 2016 State Farm insurance paid out $14 million in damage claims for dog bite injuries in Illinois alone! Lawyers with dog bite lawsuit experience such as Raymond and Bridget Lawler in Marion, Illinois can help you take on the big insurance companies and collect what is rightfully yours.

Dogs often bite in public places or at events. You may be attending a special event like a concert at The Pavillion in Marion, a reunion at Ray Fosse Park, a BBQ cook off at Reservoir Park in Harrisburg etc. where guests are bringing their four legged family members. Remember – Dogs Can Bite! When dogs are in an unfamiliar locale around unfamiliar people ( like you! ) and especially when there is a lot of noise and activity, they can become scared and lash out. Dog bites can cause significant injury. That’s when you need a dog bite lawyer who can help you achieve justice.

When your child is bit by a dog the damage is not just physical.

When a child suffers an injury from a dog attack, only an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to accurately project short and long-term damage and discover all the available sources to help pay those damages.

After the attack, a child may be further traumatized by having to undergo a series of painful shots or take medications with possible side effects.

Because of a dog bite, a child can be left with scars to the face, arm, neck or other body part. The scars may last a lifetime and subject the child to verbal abuse by classmates, problems in social settings, and isolation from friends and family.

Dog bite scars may lower a child’s self-esteem or otherwise cause emotional distress that never goes away. Child victims of dog attacks may require long-term mental health counseling for post-traumatic stress and recurrent nightmares.

If you need legal help with a dog bite or any type of animal bite, contact us for a free consultation about your case or potential case.