Motorcycle Accident Statistics In Marion, Illinois

Bikers in Marion and Southern Illinois enjoy the sense of peace and calm they get on the open roads riding amazing scenic routes like the Shawnee National Forest or the Southern Illinois Circuit 1.

But the joy of riding can be suddenly ripped away by a motorcycle accident. Unsafe sudden lane changes, sudden stops, lane splitting, texting while driving, and of course DUI and speeding are some of the top causes of motorcycle wrecks in Marion.

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Did you know that….

  • There were a total of 119 fatal crashes involving motorcycles of all types (including motor scooters and mopeds), killing motorcycle operators and their passengers in 2018 in Illinois.
  • 78% of the 119 bikers killed were not wearing a helmet.
  • Motorcycle crashes resulting in injury totaled 3,312, and most occurred in urban areas.
  • The average age of all motorcycle rider fatalities was 43.
  • 92% of motorcycle accident victims are male
  • Most crashes occurred in clear, dry weather conditions.
  • Motorcycles comprised just 3%-4% of all motor vehicle registrations but accounted for over 15% of motor vehicle fatalities.
  • Illinois remains one of only 3 states in the U.S. that does require the use of helmets for any age!

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