Have You Suffered a Bike Injury?

When you go out for a spin on your bike, the last thing on your mind is getting hit by a car or truck, but that’s just what happens about 14 times a year in Marion and Williamson County, Illinois each year.

It’s true, according to the Illinois DOT county crash summary report, there were 14 bike accidents in the Marion area in 2019, 9 of them in which the bicyclist was severely injured.

This just shouldn’t happen, but when it does, you need a powerful bicycle accident lawyer on your side! You need an attorney who can help you get situated with getting your medical care paid for and with battling with the insurance company in order to get you the large settlement you deserve.

If you or a loved one is in a bike accident, be sure to:

  • See a doctor the same day or next day
  • Contact a lawyer with bicycle injury case experience
  • Report your accident to the police the same day
  • Record photos and or video of the scene of the accident

Contact the Law Office of Lawler and Lawler in Marion today for help in attaining justice for this or any other injury accident case. You do not pay for anything up to and until you receive your case’s financial settlement.