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After suffering an injury in an accident, you may be wondering, “Is there a personal injury lawyer near me?” Lawler Lawler Injury Law at 1 S. Main St. in Harrisburg, Illinois, is ready to offer you sensible, ethical legal advice about your situation. 

You deserve compensation for any damages if you’re injured while driving, working, or just walking down the street. We’ll go to court and litigate your case if your insurance company isn’t compensating you fairly. 

When you’ve been injured while on the job, you may be able to claim earned benefits. In the state of Illinois, most businesses are required to provide their employees with workers’ compensation following a work-related injury. 

Make sure to speak with skilled workers’ compensation lawyers in Harrisburg if you’ve been hurt while completing your job function. The workers’ compensation attorneys at Lawler Lawler Injury Law have the tools to fight for you successfully. Contact our office by calling (616) 889-4981.

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    Personal Injury Law Explained

    When you’re hurt or are injured by another person, you have a right to compensation for your injuries and losses. 

    Personal injury law helps protect those harmed by the negligent or intentional acts of another. When you file a civil personal injury lawsuit, you’re holding the person or entity accountable and pursuing just financial recovery for your injuries.

    Personal Injury Circumstances

    We provide Harrisburg-area residents with legal representation in the following areas of personal injury: 

    Not every accident or injury presents a reason to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, if someone else is responsible for your accident and harm, you may be eligible to file a claim against them for your losses. 

    A personal injury attorney can guide you through the process of getting the compensation you need.


    Common Injuries Resulting in Personal Injury Claims

    Injuries can vary greatly. Some of the most commonly sustained injuries include: 

    • Fractured or broken bones
    • Cuts and lacerations
    • Head and neck injuries
    • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
    • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
    • Back injuries
    • Soft tissue injuries
    • Internal injuries
    • Injuries resulting in permanent scarring 

    Unfortunately, an injury can require extensive medical treatment and cause mounting medical bills. Had you not suffered the injury, you wouldn’t be facing physical and financial losses. Therefore, you shouldn’t be responsible for the resulting expenses. 

    A car accident attorney or personal injury lawyer in Harrisburg can help you recover what you’re owed.

    Damages for Personal Injury in Illinois

    The damages you’re entitled to depend on several factors, including the details of your accident and your injuries. Personal injury damages are separated into two main categories: economic and non-economic. 

    Economic damages stem directly from your accident and are often easier to calculate and prove. They include: 

    • Medical expenses
    • Rehabilitation costs
    • Lost earnings
    • Loss of earning potential 

    Non-economic damages are also linked to your accident, but because these losses are intangible, they’re slightly more difficult to calculate and prove. They can include: 

    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental and emotional anguish
    • Permanent disfigurement
    • Loss of enjoyment of life 

    There’s another category of damages called punitive damages. Whether you’re entitled to punitive damages depends on the defendant’s actions. A judge may grant punitive damages if the defendant’s actions were intentional, egregious, or grossly negligent. These damages punish the defendant for their wrongdoings. 

    Calculating damages is one of the most challenging parts of a personal injury case. However, your car accident lawyer in Harrisburg has the experience and skills to thoroughly review the details of your case and determine how much you’re entitled to recover.

    Can I claim workers’ compensation benefits after an injury or accident?

    The purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is to prevent employees from the need to sue their employers. When a work-related injury occurs, most employees are entitled to earned benefits in the form of workers’ compensation payments.

    Following a workplace injury, you should file an Application for Claim through the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage provider will look into the facts of your case and provide you with payments. 

    However, some employers and insurance companies are unscrupulous and uncooperative. If your employer is trying to withhold the benefits you’re entitled to, make sure to speak with accomplished workers’ compensation attorneys.

    Knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyers at Lawler Lawler Injury Law will review your claim and help you pursue the money you deserve. Many claimants are wrongfully denied the benefits they’ve earned. Don’t let this happen to you. 

    State regulations determine the types of injuries that are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Consulting with workers’ compensation lawyers in Harrisburg will help you determine your case’s best course of action.

    What types of costs does workers’ compensation cover in Illinois?

    Following a workplace injury or accident, you may experience many financial challenges. The nature and extent of workers’ compensation benefits that you can recover will depend on the type and severity of your losses.

    It’s important to secure the services of seasoned workers’ compensation lawyers in Harrisburg to ensure that you receive everything you’re owed. Even if your company provides you with workers’ compensation, they may be underpaying on your claim. In many instances, victims of on-the-job injuries can pursue payments to cover:

    Lost Wages and Income

    If your work-related accident or injury prevents you from working for at least three days, you can recover a portion of the wages you missed. In the state of Illinois, injured workers can hope to recover up to two thirds of the weekly wages they lost as a result of their injuries. 

    Sometimes these injuries prevent employees from earning as much but don’t prevent them from working altogether. In cases like these, workers’ compensation recipients may be entitled to two thirds of the difference between their initial and current weekly wages.

    Medical Bills and Expenses

    When you’ve been hurt while providing labor to an employer, you shouldn’t be responsible for the resulting medical bills. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, most employers are obligated to cover necessary and reasonable medical bills resulting from a worker’s on-the-job injury. 

    Some of the typical medical care costs that arise following a workplace accident are: 

    • Prescription medications
    • Surgical and after-care costs
    • In-home medical care
    • Mental and physical rehabilitation services
    • Hospitalization and hospital care
    • Medical accessories 

    Victims of workplace injuries shouldn’t have to pay the costs of reasonable medical care. It’s vital to hire workers’ compensation lawyers in Harrisburg to fight for the full value of your claim. 

    At Lawler Lawler Injury Law, our workers’ compensation lawyers will work diligently to recover the benefits you’re entitled to. Don’t allow an uncompassionate insurance company to boost its bottom line by denying you the benefits you deserve.


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    Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Harrisburg, Illinois

    For over 45 years, Lawler Lawler Injury Law has been representing Illinois clients in their personal injury cases. We’re passionate about helping our clients fight for justice and seek the financial compensation they’re owed after someone’s wrongdoing causes them harm. 

    Our injury lawyers do everything in their power to get the job done and never back down from a challenge. 

    Call our Harrisburg personal injury law office at (616) 889-4981, and we’ll be glad to answer your questions. We’re available by appointment only at our Harrisburg law office.

    Workers’ Compensation Attorney Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Our workers’ compensation lawyers are here to lighten your load. We aim to ensure that none of your workers’ compensation questions go answered. Here are a few of the questions we’re commonly asked by clients in your shoes:

    When you’re injured or ill, It can be difficult to think about anything other than your recovery. However, you do have obligations if you hope to receive compensation. You must report the event to your employer, fill out the necessary forms, and all in a timely manner. 

    Our workers’ compensation lawyers can help if you’re feeling overwhelmed, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your recovery.

    Every day, injured employees across Illinois file for the workers’ compensation benefits they need. Many of these claims and applications are denied. 

    The application process in the state of Illinois is complex. Unfortunately, businesses and insurance providers are incentivized to deny as many claims as possible. In some instances, minor application errors will result in the denial of a valid claim. 

    Common reasons for denied workers’ compensation benefits include:

    • Lack of information, reports, or required records
    • Allegations or evidence of employee wrongdoing or negligence
    • Accusations that the injury isn’t work-related
    • The contribution of a preexisting condition to the accident
    • Failure to report the injury in time (typically 45 days) 

    If your business or their insurer is disputing your claim, contact workers’ compensation lawyers in Harrisburg to fight for you. Our premier workers’ compensation lawyers will help you present the strongest claim possible. We’ll help you explore your legal options if your application is wrongfully denied.

    You can appeal any claim denial, but your best shot at doing so successfully is with our workers’ compensation attorneys on your team. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Harrisburg will walk you through the appeals process to pursue the benefits you deserve. 

    The Illinois workers’ compensation appeals process is complicated, but knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyers will handle all the required legal documentation. 

    Lawler Lawler Injury Law team will prepare your case for necessary appeal hearings. Our accomplished legal professionals will: 

    • Help you file an Application for Adjustment of Claim
    • Submit a petition for an immediate hearing to expedite your appeal
    • Request an independent medical evaluation (IME) if needed
    • Take your case to trial if necessary 

    Our Harrisburg workers’ compensation attorneys have plenty of experience appealing unfair denials. Contact our offices to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the facts of your workplace injury claim.

    Virtually every employee in the state of Illinois is eligible for workers’ compensation insurance—including those who work part time. If you aren’t an employee of one of the previously mentioned organizations, it’s safe to assume you have coverage. 

    Some workers aren’t classified as “employees” in the state of Illinois. While this is rare, other types of classified workers may be ineligible for earned benefits following an injury or accident. Examples of laborers whose classification prevents them from successfully pursuing workers’ compensation claims include: 

    • Some domestic household workers
    • Presidents or vice presidents of corporations
    • Secretaries or treasurers who elect to withdraw from coverage
    • Independent contractors

    Certain agricultural workers are also excluded from earned benefit coverage. Unfortunately, some untrustworthy employers misclassify workers to avoid the provision of earned benefits. 

    If you have questions about your eligibility for workers’ compensation, reach out to one of the knowledgeable professionals at Lawler Lawler Injury Law today by calling (616) 889-4981.

    If you’re unhappy with your settlement, your claim has been denied, or you plan to apply for Social Security Disability simultaneously, you should plan on hiring workers’ compensation lawyers. Our team can make the process much, much easier for you.

    It’s usually a good idea to visit the doctor recommended by your employer. However, you might opt to get a second opinion from a doctor of your choosing. Call Lawler Lawler Injury Law at (616) 889-4981 if you have any questions.