Simply riding a motorcycle puts you at high risk for being involved in a crash that can result in severe injuries or even death. Illinois residents who find themselves in a motorcycle accident will need to find the right attorney to help them face the future. Medical bills, the cost of fixing your motorcycle, and lost wages while recovering from your injuries cause a heavy toll.

You are usually the smallest vehicle on the road, and riding through Marion down West Deyoung St. can be hectic. Cars and trucks around you aren’t always vigilant and it’s not uncommon for a driver to make a lane change and never see your motorcycle riding along the side them. 

Prevention is key in this case and using these safety tips can help keep you from being involved in a motorcycle accident. 

However, if an accident occurs, contact one of our three Illinois motorcycle accident legal offices for a FREE consultation.

The team at Lawler & Lawler would like to give you some great tips to help avoid ever needing to call us to seek justice in this case. Read below and see what you can do to avoid getting into a motorcycle accident.

Never Ride Between Cars

This might seem obvious but many bikers do it while out on the road. It doesn’t matter if the cars are moving or parked, there is so much risk involved. The worst scenario for you would be a car changing lanes and not seeing you, resulting in definite injuries for you. 

The other vehicles you are squeezing through can easily block the view of you for the car changing lanes. Luckily with a little extra caution on your part, this is an easily preventable type of motorcycle accident.

Maybe the cars are stopped at a light and you want to get to the front. Next thing you know a pedestrian steps out and you might not have enough time to stop. This could happen especially when you are going through a parking lot. Using the lanes and being patient will keep you from being riddled with guilt for having injured someone else, and possibly yourself.

There is another scenario that can be both dangerous and humiliating. Driving through a bunch of cars as someone steps out of their vehicle right as you are riding by. 

Plowing into someone’s door because you couldn’t wait will probably trash your bike and send you to the hospital.

Take A Motorcycle Safety Course.

Before buying your first bike, take a safety course, it could save your life! 

Even if you’ve been riding your motorcycle for ages, a refresher course can help correct the bad habits that put you at risk for a motorcycle accident. You can take an online or in-person by making an appointment on the Motorcycle Safety Foundation website.

Even having all the right tools sometimes won’t prevent you from getting into a motorcycle accident. Our motorcycle accident lawyers have over 45 years of experience in accident injury law and we’ve seen even the most experienced motorcycle riders end up in unfortunate motorcycle accident cases.

Slowing Down Is The Easiest Way To Prevent A Motorcycle Accident.

Please slow down! According to the NHTSA, speed is the main contributing factor for over 30% of fatal motorcycle accidents in the United States. 

Speeding makes it harder to see an unexpected turn or curve in the road and it makes it harder for you to react to unexpected occurrences. While speeding, your bike can easily slide out from under you causing at best some serious road rash and possibly some broken bones. 

Speeding in bad weather is the perfect scenario for a serious motorcycle accident. Having to quickly pump the brakes to avoid a crash because you were speeding can flip you over your bike, causing more damage than you can imagine. Your motorcycle will definitely need repairs and you will definitely need medical treatment.

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