After sustaining injuries in a car accident, you’ll likely face a long road to physical recovery and mounting medical bills, and you may even be left with property damage. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s crucial you do everything you can to help your car accident attorney build a strong case to pursue financial compensation on your behalf.

You may wonder how to win a car accident lawsuit. While results are never guaranteed, there are several steps you can take toward ensuring a favorable outcome and fair financial compensation. 

Below are our top tips for winning a car accident case. If you need further assistance, Lawler Lawler Injury Law’s skilled car accident attorneys in Marion, IL, would welcome hearing from you.

    Seek Medical Attention as Soon as Possible

    If you sustain serious injuries in a car accident, make sure you receive emergency medical attention at the scene.

    Whether you receive emergency medical treatment at the scene of the accident or not, you should visit an emergency room or your primary physician as soon as possible. A thorough physical examination will be beneficial in determining the extent of your injuries.

    Once a doctor has assessed your injuries, they can provide a treatment plan to help you get on the path to physical recovery. Follow through with your medical treatment until the very end—not only will this benefit your physical recovery, but it will also considerably help your case.


    Tell Your Car Accident Attorney Everything You Know

    As soon as you’re able, consult with a car accident lawyer. Your attorney will ask all the right questions to better understand your situation and provide quality legal guidance.

    Tell your attorney everything you can recall about your accident. If you’ve collected any evidence, show it to your attorney. The more your car accident lawyer knows, the better they can represent you and help you pursue the compensation you deserve. 

    If you’re not sure how to win your car accident case, your attorney can provide you with the best course of action.

    Leave a Paper Trail

    After a car accident, a paper trail can be your best friend. Having concrete documentation means your car accident lawyer has more to work with to build a strong case.

    What Documents Will I Need?

    Certain documents are critical to winning your car accident case. They include:

    • Medical records
    • Police reports
    • Correspondence regarding your accident
    • Property damage estimates
    • Proof of lost wages due to accident-related time off work

    Your medical records are some of the most important pieces of evidence in your car accident case. Your doctor will document everything, from your diagnosis to the medication and treatments prescribed. These records will provide proof of your injuries and their severity.

    Police officers will gather details at the scene of the accident and compile everything into reports. These police reports can help determine the cause of the accident and who’s responsible. 

    Throughout the claims process, you may receive correspondence regarding your accident. Keep any letters or emails you receive.

    If you wish to seek compensation for property damage, written estimates are useful, as they’ll allow your lawyer to add the property damage total to the value of your case.

    Compensation after an accident may not only consist of the reimbursement of medical bills; you may also receive compensation for lost wages. If you’ve lost income due to accident-related time off work, record your losses or ask your employer for proper documentation.

    Don’t Share Anything on Social Media

    The other driver’s insurance company will do everything it can to limit liability and avoid paying you what you’re owed. The insurer will likely investigate you, and that usually includes monitoring your social media.

    For example, if you’re claiming you have a serious neck injury after a collision but post about having visited an amusement park, the other driver’s insurance company can use this social media post to attempt to prove you’re not actually injured.

    During your car accident case, be particularly cautious about posting on social media.

    File Your Car Accident Claim on Time

    Report your car accident to your insurance company right away in order to get the claims process going—the sooner the better, as time is of the essence. 

    If you’re unable to resolve your claim without a lawsuit, you have a limited amount of time to file your claim. In Illinois, the statute of limitations for car accident lawsuits is two years from the date of the accident.

    It’s important you begin working on your case as soon as you’re able, as this will help ensure that your claim is filed promptly and that you don’t lose your right to seek compensation for your injuries.

    Be Patient

    Although you’ll understandably be hoping to win your car accident case quickly and get the compensation you deserve, you should try to be patient.

    You can be sure your car accident lawyer is doing everything they can to get your case settled as quickly as possible without sacrificing a fair outcome. 

    How Long Does a Car Accident Claim Take to Settle?

    Every case is unique, with some cases requiring more time than others to resolve. There’s no standard timeframe in which car accident claims are settled. They can take from six months to two years or even longer.

    How long your claim takes to settle depends on various factors, including:

    • The extent of your injuries
    • How long your recovery takes
    • Settlement negotiations
    • Whether your case goes to court

    Rest assured that your lawyer will handle your claim from beginning to end, providing you with exceptional representation both in and out of the courtroom, no matter how long your case takes to resolve.

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