According to National Highway Traffic, there are over 7 million vehicle accidents in the United States. Most of which are catastrophic accidents that lead to severe injuries and trauma.
After a traumatic car accident, motorcycle accident, truck or other vehicle wreck, many people don’t know how to react, and they follow their instincts which sometimes includes fleeing the scene.
In this blog post, our Marion accident lawyers will share all the things you shouldn’t do after a crash, especially if you are injured in a car accident or other catastrophe. Some of these things can be shocking and hard to believe, but as the law says “anything can be held against you.”

What to Avoid After an Accident?

Accidents are sudden, and they often drag us out of our senses. But acting maturely and behaving responsibly is important. 

  • Don’t Flee From The Scene of The Accident

Most people often try to flee from the accident scene because they believe if they aren’t on the spot, they can’t be convicted. However, fleeing from the scene can lead to a lawsuit of hit and run against you, and there are plenty of cameras that can notify the authorities of your presence at the scene of the accident. So instead of running, you should contact 911. Informing the authorities will facilitate your claim to cover accident injury.

  • Don’t Apologize Even if You are At-Fault

This might sound shocking, but apologizing after an accident can be used against you in court. This is because an apology is considered an admission of guilt that might tip the scales of justice in the other party’s favor. Moreover, your insurance company would deny all claims and refuse to pay for the damages because you accepted that it was entirely your fault.

  • Don’t Minimize Your Injuries 

It’s easy to talk small talk with the other person when you are waiting for the authorities, but if you minimize or understate your injuries, the at-fault party’s insurance will cause difficulties financing your entire treatment. Moreover, don’t make bold claims like you can cover your medical expense. The most important thing to know about car accidents is that these cases are sensitive, and anything you say or do can be held against you by the opposition. 

  • Don’t Delay Calling 911

Most people avoid causing a fuss on the road, and they don’t bother calling 911. This causes them more problems in the future as informing the police is your duty. Moreover, an official statement by the law enforcement authorities determines what happened at the accident scene. Without an official statement, it would be hard for your lawyer to win your case. So after you have safely made it out of your car, you should immediately call “911” for assistance. In addition, some states have laws that enforce citizens to call 911 immediately. Any delays could result in a penalty. 

  • Don’t Be Confrontational 

An accident can be a traumatic experience for both parties involved. It’s best to avoid confrontation and throwing allegations at this point because it serves no purpose but fuel a fight. Moreover, verbal, physical conflict could jeopardize your injury claim, and you could lose your chance of winning a hefty compensation. It’s important to control your temper after an accident, and this is probably the most difficult yet important thing to do. 

  • Avoid Making Any Deals 

Finally, you should refrain from making any roadside deals on your own. Many drivers who know their fault offer financial compensations but end up dodging any charges. That is why it is crucial to avoid making deals after a car accident. Moreover, a deal with or without the presence of law enforcement officers is null and void in the eyes of the law, and it can even lead to severe penalties. So make sure you don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book and believe the promises made by the at-fault party. 

Final Verdict 

Accidents can seriously injure both parties and sometimes be fatal. It’s best to immediately contact emergency services and seek medical treatment. However, you shouldn’t leave without collecting contact details from the at-fault party. Moreover, try to gather contact details of witnesses as well to strengthen your case. Leave the rest to law enforcement authorities and your lawyer to win your case. 

Taking the right step at the right time is important for successful claims for an accident injury case. Marion and Benton residents facing a situation where they get injured due to an accident should reach out to an experienced Illinois-based injury firm like Lawler & Lawler. We have been helping injury victims get the compensation they deserve for 45 years, and we don’t charge you a penny until you receive your accident injury settlement and compensation.