Truck wreck incidents are often accompanied by multiple parties, severe injuries, and extensive investigation. Four unique factors come into play with a  truck wreck claim. 


These factors make your case more complicated than it already is. In this blog post, we will share details about these four factors, so keep reading till the end to learn about truck wreck claims in Florida. 


Factors That Complicate Truck Wreck Claims 

Here is a list of all four factors that hold influence on your truck wreck claims. 


Factor 1: Truck Wreck Claims Involve Serious Injuries

When 70,000 pounds of concrete steel machinery flips on the road, the results are catastrophic. You can’t expect a truck wreck to be free from serious injuries. In rare cases, the driver and the other parties involved walk away with minor injuries. But most cases aren’t like that. Therefore, truck wreck cases are highly complicated. 


Conversely, damages done by a truck are much more fatal and severe than a car. A motorist whose hit by a truck is bound to face deadly injuries, Paralysis, brain injuries, loss of limbs, or multiple fractures. 


Sometimes, those affected by a truck wreck often require long-term medical attention, which leads to a hefty medical bill. As a result, the more medical care needed for the affected party, the more experienced an attorney you’ll need. 


Factor 2: Extensive Investigation is Mandatory 

Determining the cause of a truck wreck is a time-consuming process because it involves extensive investigation. After all, a truck wreck isn’t a minor hit and run case. The case revolves around collecting evidence such as the driver’s hours-of-service logs, vehicle inspection, and repair record, truck’s black box, and other information related to the case. 


Trucking companies will try their best to hide evidence that points in their direction. This means you need truck wreck attorneys who have walked this path and know the ropes. An inexperienced attorney won’t have the necessary skills to leech information from the trucking company. Moreover, your attorney needs to make sure critical evidence is preserved and obtained at all costs. 


Factor 3: Multiple Parties Involved 

A truck wreck in Florida is often accompanied by more than one party. Not because truck accidents always involve another motorist. But because the truck driver is usually working for a company. The case becomes complicated as attorneys have to prove that the trucking company was also at fault for the accident. Perhaps the driver was too tired to be driving due to overworking. 


Or the truck was scheduled for maintenance which was neglected. This can lead to several possibilities complicating your truck wreck claim. Remember, the more external factors are involved in your truck wreck claim, the more experienced attorney is required to navigate through rough seas.


 If you rely on an inexperienced attorney to win you the compensation you deserve, you are betting on your luck. Sometimes, trucking companies hire inexperienced drivers to save costs. This results in catastrophic truck wrecks leading to severe injuries and even death. Your lawyer needs to be experienced in all the complications involved in a truck wreck. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to your compensation. 


Factor 4: Federal Trucking Law is Involved

Trucking companies are subjected to Federal regulations. These regulations include hiring and licensing requirements, truck maintenance and inspection, truck driver service hours, and much more. These regulations complicate the case further because your attorney has to prove that the trucking company neglected to follow Federal regulations to strengthen your case. As a result, your attorney is under tremendous pressure. 


You need an attorney with extensive experience in trucking regulation and truck wreck claims to mitigate your chances of losing your truck wreck claim. Otherwise, your chances of winning are pretty slim. 


The most common cause of a truck wreck is the negligence of Federal trucking regulations. For example, if a truck driver is working beyond recommended working hours, it’s a breach of the Federal regulation. Your attorney has to prove to the judge that the law was broken. This adds more strength to your trucking claim. 


If You Were in a Trucking Wreck, Turn to Lawler & Lawler for Help 

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